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A collection of my furniture, skateboards and custom projects



Hailing from the Gold Coast in Australia, Ben Williams spent the past 12+ years working in carpentry, residential construction and renovations. Seeing the wasted hardwood from torn down houses as an opportunity, he began recycling the wood from his projects to craft custom handmade furniture. 

Ben has since relocated from his 4221 postcode in Australia to Brooklyn, NYC to focus on his passion for designing furniture and bringing these unique concepts to life.


Furniture by the4221project is primarily crafted using reclaimed and recycled wood from the NYC area. Every piece tells a unique story.

Being an avid skater, Ben has built a skateboard press and shapes his own custom decks.  Based out of his workshop in Gowanus, Brooklyn  Ben holds regular skateboard shaping classes,  passing on his passion for handcrafting decks to the people of NYC.